Made for Degenerates.

Games of antiquity transforming into the premiere destination for gaming. DSB is on a pursuit to bring vast riches to the masses while uplifting and rewriting degen culture. DeFi meets Anarchy

Why us?

DegenStreetBets, DSB for short, is a disruptive and groundbreaking gaming/betting platform that preserves the relics of antiquity while ushering in new life and innovation to DeFi. Harnessing the capacity of an industry standard in oracle solutions, DSB is on a pursuit to bring vast riches to the masses while uplifting and rewriting the degen culture.

Ease of use

Play without regional limits in some countries, no KYC needed.

Open to anyone

There is no sign-up needed, only a web3 wallet to connect.

Instant Payout

Any winnings will be transferred directly to your crypto wallet.

Open Source

Anyone can review the smart contract on BSCscan.

Multi Wallet

Compatible with Metamask and Trustwallet.

Community Driven

The game is based around the community, come play and make friends.

Growth &
The past sets the stage for the future. DSB is not merely a fun platform for betting and entertainment but also a conscious initiative to preserve the relics of antiquity while spearheading a progressive and deflationary movement in DeFi. One may ask, what does a gaming/betting platform solve in DeFi? Through the mechanism of utilizing revenue from the platform to trigger “buyback and burn”, there is a continual stream of capital to strengthen the chart while reducing the supply of the token.
Strategically and periodically adding new games to fuel continual hype and excitement for the platform. In addition, a compartmentalization approach to the smart contracts allow for seamless cross-chain capability down the pipeline
  • Phase One Preparation.

    • Idea Realization and Market Research
    • Internal Designing Process for usecase
    • Website Wireframe Development
    • Marketing Strategy Research
    • Game Concept and Anti-Cheating Research
  • Phase Two Development.

    • Website UI Based On Wireframe
    • Flipcoin Game Development
    • Smart Contract Development
    • Private Sale Round
    • Social Media Creation
  • Phase Three Initial.

    • Amassing 1,000 Members
    • Smart Contract Deployment
    • Audit by Verified Company
    • Pre-sale Round
    • Demo of The Coin Flip
  • Phase Four Launch.

    • Launch on a Trusted Launchpad
    • Game Ready At Launch
    • Token Injection for Game
    • Dogecoin and BNB added as currency
    • Launch Marketing Push
  • Phase Five Post.

    • Increase coin flip users
    • Exchange Listing
    • Post-launch Marketing Push
    • Collaboration with Influencers
    • Community Activites And Compeition
  • Phase Six Community.

    • Community Build-Up
    • Additional Games Development
    • Partnership with other BSC projects
    • Cross-ecosystem integration
    • Milestone updates

Our Launchpad Partner


Powered by Chainlink

Integrating the industry-leading decentralized oracle network, we now have access to a tamper-proof and auditable source of randomness needed to ensure that the Coin Flip game is underpinned by verifiable randomness. In the future, all games featured on DegenStreetBets will use Chainlink VRF as a provably fair source of randomness.

Verified by Assure DeFi

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